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Hair dressing services.

The best service offered by experts.

Hair cut

Male Hair cut 

Female Hair cut

Junior Hair cut

Hair cut is the basis of all hairdressing services.

For the most basic, detailed consultation is conducted first, and HongShop team give the best hair.

Hair Cut
Princess Braid

Hair styling

Male sytling

blow dry

Iron dry

HongShop team will make your day

with the most beautiful look on your special day.

Hair Colour

Normal tint


Foil highlight


헤어 컬러

Not just changing the color of your hair,
Make a personal hair color that fits your skin and life with Hongshop.


Permanent rebonding

Analog Perm

Digital perm

Permanent straightining

Hong Shop's hair perm will always help you create

a beautiful hairstyle more easily.
Experience the hair perm of Hong Shop right now.

Hair treatment

Keratain Treatment

6steps full Treatment

Olaplex & bonding system

헤어 워시

Have a variety of hair treatments at HongShop.

Find treatments, supplements and tools to help keep your hair healthy and looking its best.

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